4W8X Update (05-Dec): The 4W8X DXpedition is over. On Monday, 04-Dec-2023, at 04:59z the last contact went in the log. Then we dismantled the remaining 160m, 60m and 6m antennas as well as the temporary Vertical Dipoles for 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m which we had hung up last week. 160m and 6m had worked quite well in the last couple of days. 60m was a great problem here because of the "woodpecker". Impossible to hear effectively. Beverages helped a bit in the US direction, but not into Europe, since that is the same direction as the QRM...
Regarding Club Log and OQRS: We tried our best to find all missing contacts. If you still miss contacts with 4W8X, please use the contact form on this/our website to let us know. Despite our huge networking problems, please note that our callsign 4W8X has been pirated every now and then. Thus it might have happened that you didn't work us, but the pirate(s). However, if you once "saw" your contact in Club Log, and later it had disappeared, of course we should know that and have a look again. EME contacts: There is an issue between Club Log and LotW. They are working on it.
Many Thanks for all the contacts, and we hope you enjoyed our activity as much as we did. 73 from DL6FBL for the team.

Digimodes (RTTY, FT4, FT8)

Most of the 4W8X operators are focused on the classic modes CW and SSB, with RTTY ranking #3.

How to find and work 4W8X on RTTY?

  • In RTTY you will find us on typical RTTY frequencies.
  • When the RTTY pile-up grows too big, we'll operate SPLIT (!).
  • We'll also take part in the WAEDC RTTY Contest on November 11-12, 2023.

  • How to find and work 4W8X on FT4 and FT8?

    4W8X will start using MSHV software with multiple streams a few kHz up from the regular FT4/FT8 frequencies. Here are a few simple guidelines:

    • You can just use your normal FT4/FT8 software and settings.
    • There is no need for you to install or use MSHV software on your side.
    • You should set your transceiver to our (real) base frequency (e.g. 14.096,000 kHz), which you can find from the table below and eventually reconfirm through DX Cluster Spots, preferably from those Cluster nodes which distribute Skimmer spots.
    • We will transmit in the first cycle 00-15sec / 30-45sec.
    • You should transmit in the second cycle 15-30sec / 45-60sec.
    • We will transmit audio near the low end of the spectrum (300-600 Hz).
    • You should not call us (or come back) on our own audio transmission frequency!
      At best always stay above 1000 Hz.
    • The contact is in the log when we send RR73 or 73.
    • In Club Log Livestream feature you should see all our contacts in (almost) real time.
    • Please avoid dupes!! When you see your green hook in Club Log Logsearch for a certain band/mode slot, you are done! Please give others the chance to work us there. You are welcome to work us again on a new band/mode slot.
    • Logical, but...: Only call us when you can really decode our callsign and transmitted messages!
    Please listen and/or use DX Cluster to reconfirm our real base DXpedition frequencies!!

    4W8X Base Freq.
    4W8X Base Freq.
    4W8X Base Freq.
    1.8 MHz
    not scheduled
    3.5 MHz
    5.3 MHz
    7 MHz
    10 MHz
    14 MHz
    18 MHz
    21 MHz
    24 MHz
    28 MHz
    50 MHz
    not scheduled

    (* = only one stream planned here...)

    Please bear with us! Our team has the combined experience of several millions of classic CW/SSB/RTTY QSOs, but we still have to get accustomed to Digimode operating from the DX side. We've understood about the menus and filters within MSHV, and we'll give special attention to weak signals and distant/difficult areas like Africa, South America and the US/Canada East Coast, but it may require a learning curve...

    P.S.: In the beginning of our operation we may start with a couple of FT4 (!) signals/streams first (supervised by one or two guys, while the others keep on building up antennas!).
    The final Digimode Setup will be set up after 12-Nov, when our team is complete.

    P.P.S.: After two weeks or so, when the pile-ups have dried out, we may also go back to the regular FT4/FT8 frequencies and operate one single stream there.

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